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Single "Shaaka/Deva" Out now!

Dya C's first released Single "Shaakha/Deva (ft. Farisha)" is now available for free download via Soundcloud.


The first Track, "Shaakha", is a jungle inspired Roller with very distant effects. You will be guided by a deep Bass, some Offbeat Ambience and heavy Drums.


The second one, "Deva (ft. Farisha)", is a light, smooth, ambient roller. Enjoy the Sitar Notes alongside some very beautiful Vocaldrops by Farisha. 


Mixcloud Covers now available for download

You can find any Cover of Dya C's Mixcloud Account as 1800x1800.jpg in the Download Section.

The Mixcloud Gallery will grow with some more Covers of Special Mixes that will follow.